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Tikal meeting concludes with labor agreements

Parque Nacional Tikal
Parque Nacional Tikal

Authorities of the Government of the Republic, They led by the Minister of Culture and Sports Dwight Pezzarossi held a meeting with representatives of trade unions of archaeological parks in Petén to discuss labor issues. The visit took place at the entrance of the Tikal National Park, from hours of Wednesday morning 1 July.

Pezzarossi came with the Minister Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage, Juan Pablo Rosales; the Deputy Minister of Labour, Elsa Avalos; the Director of Cultural and Natural Heritage, René Argueta and representatives of the Office of Human Rights. The Pezzarossi Minister reaffirmed their commitment to improve working conditions for employees of the parks.

The entrance to the archaeological site was released around 10 hours, time when Guatemalan and foreign tourists paid to do a site visit.

At the meeting it was agreed to follow up on the request of the wage pact, whose commitment dates back 2013. About this theme, It is still pending a resolution of the Constitutional Court. Also, a commission with the participation of representatives of trade unions joined Parks, to follow up on this particular issue.

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