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Ricardo Arjona podría entrar al Salón de la Fama de Compositores Latinos

ricardo arjona salon de la fama-01OKThe Guatemalan Ricardo Arjona, Mexican Juan Gabriel, el peruano Gian Marco, Puerto Rican American Willie Colón, and Argentine Alberto Cortez, Cuban-born singer Gloria Estefan, the Salvadoran Alvaro Torres and Venezuelan Franco de Vita, are nominated for the Hall of Fame Latino Composers, an initiative nonprofit that seeks to enhance the figure of Hispanic music makers.

MIAMI – This is the second opportunity the singer Ricardo Arjona will be part of a select group of musicians, after which 2013 was left at the gates of this recognition

Also, include Spanish artists like Joan Manuel Serrat, Dominican Juan Luis Guerra, Panamanian Ruben Blades and Roberto Carlos

The organization also wants to pay tribute to those composers, despite having no public notoriety, have been responsible for hit songs.

To vote for the Guatemalan type here

Among the assumptions in the category of “No artists” Argentines are Roberto Livi and Lalo Schifrin, Colombian Hector Cardenas Ochoa, Cuban Jorge Luis Piloto, Spanish Alejandro Jaen and Rafael Perez Botija, Mexican Rubén Fuentes and Lolita de la Colina.

The list, read in Miami by musicians Luis Enrique, Alex Matos and Julio José Iglesias, the complete Panamanian Omar Alfano, Puerto Rican Johnny Ortiz, Rafael Solano Dominican and Venezuelan José Enrique “Chelique” Sarabia.

The public can vote for their favorite composers through internet until midnight next 27 April, and winners will be announced the following day.

A further posthumously recognize the career of Argentine Carlos Gardel, Antonio Carlos Jobim Brazilian, Chilean Violeta Parra, Ernesto Lecuona Cuban, Agustín Lara Mexican and Puerto Rican Rafael Hernández Marín.

“Our initiative is to honor only, preserve and celebrate the works and career of the greatest composers of all genres”, bye Rudy Pérez, one of the architects of this project.

Rudy Pérez, co-founder of this initiative by the music producer Desmond Child, He noted that, thanks to this project, “history and culture is preserved Latin music , something that had not been done before.

“I think we've done a pretty lousy job in honoring great composers, as, hitherto, It has not been a Hall of Fame. I think it is necessary and very important to our future” , claimed the composer and producer of artists like Luis Miguel, Cristian Castro, Ricky Martin y Luis Fonsi.

Speaking, Nicaraguan singer Luis Enrique lamented that the composer “is rarely recognized or is given the value it deserves”.

“All those songs that you hear no one knows who wrote”, He said the so-called “Prince of Salsa”, confident that, through consolidation of this project, finally the figure of the creator of the great songs of Latin music recognition.

“It is valuable all that is being done through the Hall of Fame Composers Latinos because it will give the public a culture”, added.

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To vote for the Guatemalan type here

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