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Sacapulas has new art academy

Niños y niñas demostraron su talento al ejecutar piezas musicales en marimba.

Children showed their talent by running tracks in marimba.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Department of Arts, inaugurated this 20 June Community art academy specializing in marimba in the town of Sacapulas, Quiche, with the aim of promoting the practice of this instrument to strengthen the culture of the town.

This academy will work in a salon Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta Francisco Marroquín White River village of the municipality. For his part, Academy of Mayan Languages ​​supports this project with a loan of musical instruments including a complete marimba mentioned, battery, one under and amplifier.

This new entity will provide services Monday through Friday from 14:00 a 18:00 hours. Currently the academy has 2 groups of students enrolled, the first consisting of 8 girls between 11 and 12 years and a second group of 9 children in the same age range. The workshop to be divided into beginner and intermediate. The teacher Jener Aceituno be responsible for delivering these courses.

The inauguration of the academy Jennifer Gomez attended the Directorate General of Arts and Julio Vasquez, Advisory Office who represented the top Ministry of Culture and Sports. Vasquez said in his speech that "we must return to our roots, our Mayan identity. Children and youth are the present of our country and how we are blessed sacapultecos our language, our costumes and especially our traditional music ".

Likewise, Miguel Angel Vasquez, representative of parents of the school said that "we are very grateful for the support of the Ministry of Culture for the opening of the academy of art that will serve the children of our community".

Besides MCD officials, also participated Jesus Dionisio Felipe, President of the Academy of Mayan Languages ​​Sacapulas; Jesus Aceituno, Project Coordinator of the art academy and Luis Bunker, Director of educational establishment, inter alia.

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