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Show children's books Guatemala

salon del libro infantil

Show the supply of children's literature in Guatemala.
Visit us at the X International Book Fair in Guatemala – FILGUA of 26 July to 4 August 2013. Industry Park, entrance hall 6.

Write to: lijguate@gmail.com

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The Pretty Things swallowers
Eduardo Halfon / Guatemala


Narrative writer considered one of the most outstanding young artists born in Latin America. He studied Industrial Engineering at the State University of North Carolina, U.S.. For eight years, was Professor of Literature at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. Part

and his work has been translated into English, Portuguese, Dutch, French and Serbian. On 2007, by a vote organized by the Hay Festival and Bogotá World Book Capital, was chosen among the 39 best American writers under 39 years old, being included in the selection Bogotá39.



Niña de Guatemala Poem
José Martí (Cuba, 1853).

As a writer Marti was a forerunner of Latin American modernism. His writings include numerous poems, Ismaelillo (1882), Simple Verses (1891) and Free Verses (1892), Friendship fatal novel (1885) and numerous tests.
In 1889 founded and directed the children's magazine The Golden Age.
It was noted for its fluid style, Simple vivid images and personal.

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