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San Andrés Apostol


Theft Report



Date of Theft: 12 May 2011

Place of Theft: St. Christopher Catholic Church Acasaguastlán. The Progress, Guatemala

Object Type: Religious sculpture

Material: Wood

Dimensions: high 86 cms. width 39 cms.; 35 cms. Background.

Title: San Andrés Apostol

Topic: Religious

Time: Hispanic

Period: XVIII Century

Author: Anonymous

Style: Baroque


Sculpture carved polychrome and gilt wood depicting St. Andrew the Apostle with a closed book under his left arm (described from the point of view of the observer). The mantle closed describes a ripple to the right side, leaving visible part of the tunic collar and a belt that encircles the waist. The beard and hair are deeply carved. The eyes are small and Glass. Part of the base is lost so it retains only the right foot is barefoot. The back has no size, only the cross marks on blades. It lacks the right arm.


Registry of Cultural Property. / General Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Register: 2-5-2-18

Report: Register of Cultural Property # 159



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