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San Antonio de Padua with Virgin Girl.

Theft Report.



Date of Theft: 1 June 2004

Place of Theft: Estanzuela Catholic Church, Zacapa.

Object Type: Religious Sculpture

Material: Wood,

Technique: Wood Carving

Dimensions: unknown

Title: San Antonio de Padua with Virgin Girl.

Topic: Religious.

Period: XVIII Century.

Author: Anonymous.

Register: ——

DESCRIPTION: Carved wood sculpture representing San Antonio de Padua, Franciscan habit and dress with lace tied around the waist. It is visible from the front, the palm of his right hand holding an attribute. On the other hand holds a book, on which must be a Child God, although in this case it is the Virgin Girl as evidenced by morphological and iconographic study of sculpture. The Virgin wears only a cloth of purity, with his left leg forward to right. About the navel two horizontal lines are marked.


Registry of Cultural Property. / General Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Report: Register of Cultural Property # 41




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