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St. Joseph with the Child Jesus.

Theft Report.



Date of Theft: 22 March 2003

Place of Theft: Catholic Church, of Barcenas.

Object Type: Religious sculpture

Material: Pasta

Technique: Emptying

Dimensions: Stop: 64 cms. Width : 25 cms.Conpeana

Title: St. Joseph with the Child Jesus.

Topic: Religious

Period: (Twentieth Century)

Author: Anonymous.

Register: 1-5-11-5


Pasta sculpture depicting St. Joseph with the Child Jesus which stands on the left hand. Both have glass eyes, the robe is purple and brown cloak in his hand holds a brass rod and a crown of the same material.


Registry of Cultural Property. / General Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Report: Register of Cultural Property # 22



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