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Guatemalan cultural goods will be exhibited in the Republic of Korea

In press conference 20 August, the Ministry of Culture and Sports in commemoration of 50 anniversary of diplomatic relations with the sister Republic of Korea; exhibition announced 100 prehispanic cultural property from the collection of the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology in Guatemala, to be held at the National Museum of Korea located in Seoul City, the 3 September to 28 October this year and will be called "2012, Dawn of the Maya Culture ".

In this press conference was attended by the Ambassador of Korea in Guatemala, The Jung Namhan; the Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage, Rosa Mary Chan and the Executive Director of Cultural and Natural Heritage PACUNAM, Claudia Rosales and Rosales. PACUNAM is a foundation consisting of visionary companies committed to the culture of Guatemala, to support sustainable development through the preservation of cultural and natural heritage of the country, especially the Maya Biosphere Reserve. This exhibition and generate cultural exchange comes to strengthening friendship between Korea and Guatemala, Rosales said.

Se exhibirán bienes culturales guatemaltecos en la República de Corea

Guatemalan cultural goods will be exhibited in the Republic of Korea

"This is for our country an ideal opportunity to raise awareness of the rise of Maya culture to the Korean community, taking into account that there is no history of any exhibit with heritage assets between the two nations, takes place in the framework of the commemoration of Oxlajuj B'aktun "stressed the Director of PACUNAM.

For his part, la Viceministra de Patrimonio Cultural, María Rosa Chan, mentioned that Guatemala is leaving a mark on the world, because when it comes to discussing the Maya Guatemala. He also thanked the Korean Embassy for your interest in the exhibition of this type, as the cultural issue to lift the spirits after so much violence. The official stressed that the pre-Hispanic cultural artifacts are invaluable and were carefully selected for presentation in Korea. The diversity of materials that make cultural property to be displayed, are evidence of the use of resources, high technological and artistic knowledge of the Hispanic Society.

Also, of its complex social organization and trade system, which gave rise to hegemonic cities in the Maya region. Among the practices and demonstrations provided to pre-Hispanic Maya culture particularly relevant, was hieroglyphic writing system and numbering, while stressing their religious and cosmological. That is why some of the pieces to exhibit, endeavor to show several of these attributes. To give you an overall tint to the huge rich heritage of Guatemala, the exhibition which opens at the National Museum of Korea, provides a nationwide retrospective, as cultural goods to be exhibited were collected for decades, as part of archaeological excavations around the country.

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