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Women's Lacrosse classes will be held at the Champ de Mars

Lacrosse femenino_0231
Lacrosse femenino_0231

From September a new sport will be held in the Campus Martius, as a stimulus for women who want recreational activities unusual. The sport is lacrosse, which already has teams trained in Guatemala City, Quetzaltenagno, Totonicapan, Coban, Livingston and Escuintla.

To promote their practical, the Ministry of Culture and Sports in liaison with the Embassy of the United States in Guatemala, announced that classes will be held on Thursday 15 a 17 hours at the sports center of that. Those involved in the development of this sport are the Deputy Minister of Sport, Francisco Ardón, director Maya Lacrosse, Megan McAdams and Liaison Officer, Embassy of the United States, Ruth Unny.

Lacrosse is a sport that promotes values ​​of collaboration, Humility, community and integrity. Therefore the Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation is interested in being able to offer young girls and a space where you can do sports and recreation.

The Deputy Minister explained that Ardón practice this sport in the Champ de Mars, Ministry helps young girls and negative influences away.

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