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Plant life and recreation in the "Erik Barrondo" scenario for the start Park Environmental Campaign

Reforestacion Erick Barrondo 2
Reforestacion Erick Barrondo 2

They say that life should be written a book, have a child and plant a tree; if humans satisfies these requirements can be summed up his existence on earth as "successful and happy".

Rather than a positive statement, planting a tree is a commitment to the planet. Thus, last weekend the Sports Park "Erick Barrondo" became the stage to perform the symbolic act of planting the "tree zero", with which the starting signal is given to the Fifth Edition of the Campaign "Reforesting Guatemaya and Central America".

With which it aims to plant six million trees in Central America in order to help reduce the impact of climate change in the region; "Planting a tree is a commitment of human and species" stressed Olinda Salguero, Director of Esquipulas Foundation, those who support the project with other institutions and companies towards environmental welfare.

The initiative invites the general public to join the movement by organizing reforestation in their communities to plant more trees and that these are adequate for the respective region, following a maintenance plan for the trees do not die. "Recreation is not only physical activity but mental activity, reforest binds mainly families and young people across the region, we are proud to belong to this movement, "stressed the Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation Francisco Ardon.

La ex Miss Guatemala Marwa Weatherborn, who is also part of the environmental campaign to invite reforestation, He indicated that this is an opportunity to bring young people from different ages and contribute to the region.

En total 900 Trees were planted in various areas of Sports, Armando Bardales, President of the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN) He said that through a resolution issued in record time was approved last Saturday in June as a day for reforestation, to support this environmental initiative.

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