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Retrieve Old Archaeological Site Resume Kaqchikel name

Since 2007, public and private entities have requested the return of the Old Resume original name to the Ministry of Culture and Sports. One of the latest efforts is that of the municipality of San Martín Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango, requesting reappointment to this site as Chuwa Nima'ab'äj, which translates to "the great stone face".

The actual name of Chuwa Nima'ab'äj was supplanted by that of Resume Viejo due to a confusion of the chronicler Francisco Antonio de Fuentes y Guzmán, author del libro 'history recollection Florida ", in 1690. He thought it was a city poqomam, when in fact, was the oldest city in the Lordship Kaqchikel; 200 years before the capital, Iximché.

The municipality agreed to forward an agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Sport to "take appropriate measures in order to restore the name indicated above".

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Consistent with these requests and as part of the commemoration of the end of Oxlajuj B'aqtun (21 December 2012) the MCD issued the Ministerial Agreement 430-2013, published in the Official Gazette 24 May 2013. Ministerial Agreement This restores the original name Old Resume, remained in force and binding from the 3 June 2013.

This restitution is made by the MCD in accordance with its institutional powers and with the support of existing legislation, such as the National Language Act issued by the Congress in the 2003 and the Agreement on Identity and Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which has the status of legal and political commitment of State, since 2005.

Now that the city recovers ancestral ceremonial Chuwa name Nima'ab'äj, justice is done to the unyielding desire to Kaqchikel nation, encabezada for su Ajpop Kaji Imox, the identity of the nations of the Maya people and the real history of the people of Guatemala.

This restitution is historical, it is the first to be held in its genre, especially in a country where most municipal and departmental colonial place names are still: Guatemala, Chimaltenango, Jilotepeque, Mazatenango, Totonicapan, Chichicastenango, Quetzaltenango, etc.. His numbers mexicas, Tlaxcala, cholutecas the nahualts, but Spanishised.

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