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Uaxactún Site Locates Watch List World Monuments Fund

Day 8 October was announced in _New York City, Uaxactún the archaeological site, located in Petén, Guatemala, was listed Watch World Monuments Fund, an international NGO that campaigns for fundraising for the conservation of Cultural Heritage 5 continents of the world.

Guatemala proposal made by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and was presented by the Maya Cultural Heritage Foundation PACUNAM, with whom the Ministry has an alliance to _trabajar for archaeological heritage conservation with a focus on multiple use zone of the Maya Biosphere Reserve.

It took into account that there are not enough resources to carry out the conservation of many Heritage sites located in the country, the deterioration of the archaeological site and the need Uaxactún important to restore the group "E", where is located the astronomical observatory, the group visited by tourists, especially during the spring equinox in March.

Previously they were in the same list, archaeological sites Piedras Negras, Naranjo and El Sotz, three located in the Peten and recently Quirigua, Izabal, that raised money for the same park management and to _trabajar in climate change adaptation and disaster.

Accepting Watch list Quirigua in Guatemala helped _trabajar receive another fund management methodology adapted to climate change risk. Also, Guatemala will host the Design Workshop Archaeological Protection Covers, where welcome representatives of countries with cultural heritage of Latin America, later this month.

We ourselves work the proposal and asked to Pacunam (Guatemalan NGO) it was the nominator and then entered the list to be selected and the good thing is that was selected, because it opens up the opportunity for funds _buscar. That does not mean you are in a negative list ... this helps position the Mayan cultural heritage worldwide, said Rosa Maria Chan, Deputy Minister of Patrimonio Cultural.

Uaxactún The archaeological site is part of the protected area of ​​the Maya Biosphere Reserve and is located 23 Km al norte de Tikal, from where the access, by a dirt road. The city is covered by dense vegetation.

Sylvanus Morley was the first archeologist who unveiled the site in the international scientific world 1916. The name Sian Ka'an Uaxactún or (Born of Heaven), also known by the name of "Eight Stones" Uaxac derivative meaning eight and Tun, stone; because Morley found the first dated inscription on Stela 9.

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