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Socializing POA 2014

Cuatro Direcciones conforman la Dirección General de Desarrollo Cultural y Fortalecimiento de las Culturas del MCD.

Four Directions form the Directorate General for Development and Strengthening Cultural Cultures MCD.

Technical staff of the Directorate General of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures Ministry of Culture and Sports MCD, got appointment in historic downtown, the 29 January, in order to socialize the Annual Operating Plan POA from different directions that make up the Directorate General, activity in which they participated Clariza Castellanos, Deputy Minister of Culture.

James Cones, Participation Manager, said the meeting was held so that staff are empowered and know the operational plans of the different directions that make Cultural Development. Each address includes actions to strengthen national identity, focusing on activities to do this 2014, which shall be linked to the covenants of government.

Cultural Development seeks actions to the attention of the four linguistic communities living in Guatemala, providing support and inputs to strengthen the identity, which is reflected in the different POAS, that are focused on supporting artists and cultural activities, inter alia.

To Chuc Everardo, Director General of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures, socialization of the POA is precisely to govern to do, achievements, the proposed results and challenges staff, through technical divisions.

Four technical divisions met: Institutional linkage, Citizen Participation, Cultural Diversity and Strengthening of National Identities. The entire staff is focused on Teamwork, have to achieve significant results in the field of cultural industries and position, develop and strengthen cultures.

The Culture, engine of development!

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