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Fine Arts Theatre

In their rightful facilities to coordinate the execution of the functions assigned, for the dissemination of artistic and cultural expressions of the creative and artistic, domestic and foreign, with an emphasis on outreach to the poor population. Its main functions are:
  • Schedule and conduct activities for the purpose of managing cultural and artistic functions through the use of resources and infrastructure Cultural Center.
  • Facilitate public access to cultural activities, artistic and recreational activities in order to strengthen the identities, partnership for development, equity and social justice.
  • Plan and implement to promote art events, promotion and dissemination of artistic expressions, with policies based on ethnic and gender equity, in accordance with the law.
  • Run and manage policy for preservation and maintenance of cultural heritage of the nation, in accordance with the law.
  • Performing other duties as, within the scope of its competence, assigned by the Director General.


Currently located in the historic center of Guatemala City, Elena Avenue 14-75, area 1; since its acquisition in the year of 1981 Fine Arts Theatre has functioned as a center where official and independent arts groups, well as public and private institutions, perform cultural activities, organized and coordinated most of them regardless of theater management.

Having belonged to the Directorate General of Culture and Fine Arts, entity within its remit was the promotion and dissemination of art in all its manifestations, being organized for it in Departments of Art, (Theater, Dance, Arts, Music and Literature) whose specific function was the organization and performing arts activities, who were generally presented in this theater and for the characteristics of the structure and functioning of this Directorate, This theater sirvió only as a receiver building activities, without complying with the proper function of a modern cultural center to develop outreach programs and cultural arts to give him his true place as a popular center of cultural diffusion.
With the creation of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the restructuring of the different units in culture, Fine Arts Theatre becomes part of the Directorate General for Cultural Promotion, however, This phase also gives it the power to conduct programs to enable its modernization and operation according to current concepts of what should be a Cultural Centre. The Fine Arts Theatre, It is the only theater that allows the realization of artistic and cultural activities spread throughout the year, with costs that can be made accessible to the vast majority of the population of this city.
For this reason and in order that the Fine Arts Theatre comply fully with the features that place it as a true modern center of cultural diffusion, presented the following work program, which also aims to some extent fill the gap in the organization and activities of cultural diffusion, that benefit a large segment of the capital's population, mostly students and workers in general.
JUSTIFICATION: The human right to enjoy the benefits of culture and recreation, is one of the fundamental rules on which our society is sustained and one of the key reasons for the existence of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. One of the most important strategies to meet the training needs of a population and Recreation, is based on the creation and operation of Cultural Centers, to enable the participation and access of this population to the artistic and cultural events in general and although it has not given the importance it requires the operation of existing cultural diffusion centers, working for it.
For its particular characteristics, can be considered as an appropriate center of cultural diffusion and to be able to fulfill this function, is vital to give it a permanent and adequate budget, that enables the organization, coordination and development of artistic and cultural activities, including sponsorship and support of activities generated by groups or independent institutions, public and private, so that this theater is projected to the great majority of the capital's population and can meet one of the fundamental objectives of the Ministry of Culture and Sports: cultural diffusion.
The commissioning of artistic dissemination will largely fill the void existing in service of cultural diffusion of this city and also would enable the support and encouragement necessary for independent groups generate activities that are presented in this theater, stimulating artistic creation and creating jobs for a large number of professionals from all branches of art and nationwide.
The social impact will be achieved this artistic diffusion of large scope, being able to cover the estimated costs 1,992 to an annual amount of about one hundred thousand people, or more than 5% of the total population of this city, through activities generated by the theater; and another equally significant number, through activities sponsored or supported by the theater and performed by independent groups.
The number of activities to develop the theater, diffusion through artistic, can grow gradually, can be doubled or tripled in a short time, based on the available budget and organization that are provided for this purpose.
• Disseminate and publicize Cultural Heritage, national and universal. And the creative work of Guatemalan artists.
• Facilitate access to and participation in cultural capital's population to some extent to meet the training needs of this population and recreation.
• Provide opportunity for the people of this city have the right to receive the benefits of culture and recreation.
• Organize and coordinate cultural activities are planned to the grassroots of the capital's population, through an ongoing program of outreach to benefit these sectors.
• Apoyar, sponsor and sponsor cultural activities, generated by groups or independent institutions and presented in the Fine Arts Theatre, stimulating artistic creation, creating jobs for arts professionals.
DEFINITION: Cultural Outreach Program to be performed by the Teatro de Bellas Artes is the organization, coordination and presentation of artistic and cultural activities, to be free presentadas precios bajos, in this theater room. This program consists of two activities:
• Dissemination of Artistic Activities: Student Theater Season, Season Popular Theatre , Student Dance Season, Season popular Dance, Student Music Season, Popular Music Orchestral Season, Season Popular Choral Music, Season of Popular Marimba, Departmental Theater Season, Departmental Dance Season, Departmental Music Season, Estudiantinas Festival, Popular Song Festival, inter.
• Outreach Activities Cultural and Natural Heritage: Conferences, Cine Forums, Audio-visual samples and Exhibition.

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