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National Theatre.

History of the National Theatre

Currently located in the 24 street 3-81 area 1, in Guatemala City, is part of the cultural heritage of Guatemala, has a variety of spaces for performing arts, cultural and educational activities of national and international. It was inaugurated on 25 May 1,846, under the designation of "castle" in San Jose, function was the defense, but also served as a state prison. In 1872, barracks becomes first public elementary school. The 20 October 1944, this military stronghold was taken by assault by Arbenz, Toriello and Arana, who constitute the Board of democratic government.

President Ydígoras Sources, in 1961, begins the recovery project this space with the creation of a National Theatre. The Cultural Center is located within an area of 8 apples, on the hill of San Jose de Buena Vista, that integrates into your location to the Civic Center in the capital of Guatemala.

Create a cultural center where there had been a military, implements the good principle of "arms transform culture". At some point, what had been a fortress ended up being an abandoned space and maintenance, giving way to foreigners who settled shows occasionally, as some circuses, evenings and playgrounds box that came with his show to distract the people of that time. Today is the epicenter of the exchange of thoughts, art works and creativity Guatemalan, than expected spaces and keeps the door open to also encourage other friendly countries shows, eager to share their art with Guatemalan proposals within a framework of cultural exchange.


History and References:

During the so-called democratic spring, like a theater to house large cultural events seemed a crazy idea. The proposal was never excluded, as known, but there were and still are urgent needs and priorities never solved, as education, health, transport and security. Like any country that yearns for developing ever had, in Guatemala also emerged gradually dreams were becoming reality. Thus began the creation of the Civic Center, by architects Montes, Haussler and Aycinena.El President Ydígoras Sources, knowing who directed the Arch project. Asturias Vinicio conducting a major theater with the aim of integrating the other existing works around, namely, Civic Center. Thus began what would later be one of the most precious architectural works of our time. In 1965, unfortunately, Asturias architect dies in a car accident, leaving the work unfinished, only this time the foundations realizados.Para painter and engineer Efrain Recinos and worked at the Centre Project, in a mural commissioned for one of the front of the initial project, that was never fated realizarse.Como, it was proposed to integrate a theater at Fort St. Joseph. Is here, in orchestrating outdoor theater, where the work begins and the teacher's creative proposal Efrain Recinos. For this, were major conversion work on the hill: was created, a bank to perform the steps, and were created booths-sculptures that give the example of what an architectural integration Fort San José.Así was initiated as the total process of the Cultural Center. The teacher Recinos was solely responsible for monitoring, construction and creative development of what is now known as the Cultural Center of Guatemala "Miguel Angel Asturias", constituted by the Grand Theatre or Grand Chamber "Efrain Recinos", Chamber Theatre "Hugo Carrillo", Open Air Theatre "Otto René Castillo" and Fort St. Joseph. It is now fourth stage is performing, Small activities; also part of the facilities Cultural Lighthouse Radio and the National School of Plastic Arts, that has a design outside the teacher's proposal Recinos. On the road, is the project of the National Institute of Marimba.El National Theater of the Cultural Center is inspired by what was the culture. Without falling into the copismo, This is a true integration into the landscape and Mayan iconography in contemporary architecture. These "functional sculptures" are an example of true originality. Thus it could be said that nowhere is the influence of Greek culture repetitive, which is a good example of local magnificence the rest of America and the world, to be universal as a basis the local.

Requirements for use of the National Theatre

1. After receiving the confirmation letter, shall be limited to fifteen (15) working days to RECONFIRM YOUR DATES.


2. MINOR DAMAGE DEPOSIT: to receive a confirmation letter will be carried out in the Accounting Department of the Cultural Center a deposit of a thousand quetzals CASH (Q1000.00) for damage and minor damage that may, This amount will be refunded within fifteen (15) working days after completion of the function, if no damage is not registered. Otherwise the deposit will be in favor of the Cultural Center “Miguel Angel Asturias” to pay damages by returning the remainder if any, however, if the deposit is not a sufficiency. TENANT agrees to deposit the difference that the Cultural Center is claimed.


3. Payment of advance: To formalize the reservation of this space and time, TENANT shall be performed in the Department of Financial Accounting Cultural Center a payment equivalent to ten percent (10%) the total cost of filing an advance, with 30 days in advance.




5. TICKETS: Regarding ticket printing can be performed on the print of your choice, abocándose Section Programming and Contracts for relevant indications. Printed tickets must be presented at the Finance Department to count and print the official seal, at least thirty (30) days in advance.


6. COORDINATION WITH ARTISTIC TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT: It is essential that USER, ORGANIZING THE SHOW OR LIABLE make an appointment with the head of Technical Arts Department, to define technical requirements and coordinate schedule, assembly and testing of your event with a minimum of 30 days before presentation. Not filed to fill the “TECHNICAL DATES”, Cultural Center “Miguel Angel Asturias” reserves the right to cancel the event. (Only event in the great room and Chamber Theatre)


7. MEDICAL SERVICE: The Public Entertainment Act stipulates that every event must be present Medical Service (Fire, Red Cross, Alerta Medica) and / or the attention of a doctor with their respective equipment and adequate transport unit to cover any emergency, so it shall report in writing to the Planning and Contracts Officer the name of the company that will cover this requirement.


8. SHOWS PUBLIC LICENSE: It is required that the user request and present the corresponding Public Entertainment Licence, procedure to be carried out well in advance (it recommends two (2) months prior to the event) the Directorate of Public Entertainment, located on the third level of the National Palace of Culture, phone 59514274


9. KEY DOCUMENTS: TENANT shall submit photocopy of DPI and / or Patent Trade if individual firm, and in the case of legal persons, Patent and Trade Business Patent and Trade Company and Legal Representation will sign the contract, as the case. If you are abroad, photocopy of passport and ID Card holders of Diplomatic.


10. FORMS: Lessee shall complete and file the forms attached to the charge of Programming and Contracts.


11. DRESSING: The user shall provide written in Section Programming and Contracts, the name and number of the IPR of people have been designated to take responsibility and control of the use of dressing rooms, including safeguarding the belongings of participants, attaching a copy of designee DPI. (Only in the Great Hall and Chamber Theatre)


12. ACCOMMODATION SERVICE: The accommodation service, corre por cuenta del promotor artístico y así velar por el resguardo del público asistente y de las instalaciones, de allí que es obligatoria su contratación para el buen desarrollo de la actividad. Esta función la deberá desarrollar personal capacitado y se encargará de la recepción y chequeo de boletos, locate each person in the area and in accordance with corresponding armchair numbering ticket presented, prevent the entry of food, beverages and anything that affects the facilities, ensure that the audience keep appropriate behavior for medical staff in case of any eventuality and most importantly, know how to guide users in an emergency.


13. CONTENT OF THE EVENT: Prior to signing the contract and two months in advance and, the user provide detailed content of the event to review the Programming Unit and Contracts. If approved, may proceed with the project dissemination.


14. VIDEOS AND PICTURES: Taking video and photography will be permitted only with the prior written permission of the responsible for the activity, which must be made at least thirty (30) days prior to the Production Department. Teams that do not use flash to not affect the actors and / or event lighting design are suggested.


15. EVENT CANCELLATION: If the user cancels the event, will proceed as stipulated in Article 10 Ministerial Decision No.. 269-2010.


16. TIMELINESS: It is the obligation of the event organizer calculate how long this should last, so the activity should begin and conclude at the stipulated time; extraordinarily can be extended up to one hour and Cultural Center will charge equivalent over an hour, in accordance with the normal rate established in Respective Agreement, after this time, workers Centro Cultural Miguel Ángel Asturias are instructed to turn off equipment and retire.


17. ACQUIRED RIGHT: The tenant may not assign the whole or partial rights acquired on the use of the room to someone else, institution activity.


18. USE OF PARKING: In accordance with the stipulations of the Ministerial Decision No.. 269-2010, Cultural Centre is obliged to collect the parking use, This fact must be taken into account by the organizer.


19. ADVERTISING AND MANAGEMENT SPONSORS: For advertising management, brand presence and agreements with sponsors of the event, is essential to make an appointment with Mrs. Alma Castro, to define everything about this point. All advertising elements, must be self-sustaining (tipo Banners), will be located in the lobbies and / or to lobbies and outside areas in working hours and days before the presentations. It is strictly forbidden the use of blankets and pure elements that tie, fix or adhere to any surface.


20. Consider the "Miguel Angel Asturias" Cultural Heritage Cultural Center is as indicated in Article 61 of the Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala, therefore reserves the right to determine the kind and amount of advertising or other extraneous elements to infrastructure inputs. It is the duty of all Guatemalans safekeeping, thank the user to recommend to all participants in its activities, keep the standards of conduct that the place deserves.

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