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Third National Spiritual Guides

Tercer Encuentro Nacional de Guías Espirituales_4893
Tercer Encuentro Nacional de Guías Espirituales_4893

The Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Department of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures held this 19 and 20 October the third Meeting of Mayan spiritual guides and Xinkas in Quetzaltenango involving 125 guides.

Ancestral knowledge of our grandparents have been passed orally through time. The Spiritual Guide is essential to continue the legacy of ancestral knowledge they have inherited, thus strengthening their capacity for direct participation and influence in decision-making spaces is important.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, initiated a process of accompaniment to the Spirit Guides to help strengthen their active participation and influence in different scenarios, promote and value diversity of cultural practices and spiritual needs of the people.

The Third National Spiritual Guides allowed to inform the assembly on the socialization of the proposal worked in concert with the support of researchers and practitioners to unify the conclusion of wayeb 'nationwide, so that the assembly may know its contents and decide on the subject.

Also, They addressed issues that contribute to strengthening the knowledge of participants, these issues are framed within the needs identified and agreed by the members of the Board of Spiritual Guides, was participatory methodology to generate coexistence and exchange of knowledge and experiences.

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