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Finish the first year Tun

termina el primer año tun (2)
termina el primer año tun (2)

Yesterday was held in our country Oxlajuj Ajpu ', which is the culmination of the first year Tun marking the beginning of a new long count, according to the Sacred Calendar Tzolkin, with a Mayan ceremony in gratitude to the Creator, in the park Kaminaljuyú, area 7 City.

Oxlajuj Ajpu ', is exactly the day that ends the first year of this new long Tun account, which began on 22 December 2012, the end of the Oxlajuj B'aqtun. 's New long count know that years consists Tunes, B’aqtunes y K’atunes. Just yesterday we finished the first year of Tun 360 days, 18 months 20 days, INDICO Juan José Chiriz, spiritual guidance.

Tun year comprises 18 months 20 days each, which gives a total of 360 days. The sum of 20 Tun-year results in Katún and 400 Tun years form a B'aqtun. The count starts again at the completion 13 B’aqtunes.

The 20 days of each month represent 20 nahuales, each has its own energy, which defines the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the person born on a particular date.

This time counting devised by the ancient Maya or grandparents, is based on information received through the study of the stars and strictly linked to the human body. Regardless of nahual, each person is the architect of his destiny, because every human being is energy ... if we do and think in a negative or positive way and will be the consequences, enfatizó Chiriz, spiritual guidance.

Last, Chiriz expressed prejudices often make humans we forget our spirituality and that leads result in the loss of all values ​​that help keep our lives balanced. He also made an invitation for these dates are for reflection and not to be swayed by consumerism and materialism of the time characteristic.

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