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TijaxTijax. Means stone and obsidian. Flint is the symbol. Is the energy of the healer in Mayan culture. It is the power of thunder and lightning. The person born under the influence of this day, can be a great healer or doctor with much power in the hands. It Ajq'ij, cure physical and psychological illnesses. You can fix broken bones.

Tijax. One of the negative influences of the day is that it can cause some pain or discomfort. According Ajq'ijab ', 're a day that "eats". To avoid being hit by these negative influences must be an offering and request mediation Spiritual Guide.

Tijax. It is a day that can avoid humiliation and ruin because of something or someone. It is a day of protection. Those born at this day can become angry and can destroy someone spiritually or emotionally. The times, nobody holds and it is difficult to understand.

Characteristic of a person born in Tijax
Its origin is Tz'i 'and their fate is Keme.


  • He is protective of justice.
  • It is strong and helpful.
  • It is relentless you want to achieve.
  • It can become Spiritual Guide.
  • It has ability to fix broken bones.
  • He can defend very well to any problem.

Possible Weaknesses

  • You can be violent and angry.
  • Can suffer from diseases.
  • You can easily offended.
  • You can fall in retaliation and lawsuits.

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