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Payment means, offering and gratitude. They get presents for the payment of any guilt or amend any errors.

It is the special day of the offerings. Thank the sun, Water, air, food and everything around us and what we have received from Mother Earth. Those born in Toch, sometimes, They are paying the debt of the family, that's why they may suffer health problems.

Spiritual function
Appreciation Ahaw for benefits received.
Day to be at peace with Ahaw, with grandparents and neighbor.
Ceremonies are done to achieve balance, moral and spiritual.
Day to remove the sufferings, accidents and diseases.

Characteristic of a person born in Toch:
Its origin and destiny Imox, No'j.

• Large virtudes.
• Es creativo, communicative and dynamic.
• Practice honesty.
• Es analista, imaginativo and intuitive.
• In open character.
• It is romantic.


• You may experience disease.
• You can drop in poverty.
• May have mental instability.
• May be exposed to accidents.
• You can fall into pride and vanity.
• Vicious and proud

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