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Processing of License for foreign artists

1. Public Performances application to which you must enter 15 days before the event, must have the


  • Personal identification data of the owner or legal representative of the company behind the event.
  • Address for receiving notifications and / or citations, telephone number.
  • Specify the kind of show to present, date, time and place (Address).
  • Number of ticketing according to the capacity of the place of presentation.
  • Value of admission by sector.
  • Signature of Applicant.

2. Affidavit indicating the ability of the local, extended by the Legal Representative of the Local where

made the event.

3. Affidavit indicating:

a. Class show to present.

b. Indicating be the promoter of the event.

4. Photocopy of identity card of the owner or legal representative of the company organizing the event (photocopy


5. Photocopy of appointment or affidavit attesting mandate claimant representation (photocopy


6. Copy of business license (about the business) photocopy autenticada.

7. NIT card photocopy (photocopy autenticada).

8. Contract domestic and foreign artists with the company (present minutes of contract prior, for


9. Charter of commitment to the security company, legally authorized to render services to the event, with

detail of the service to be provided.

10. Charter of commitment to the company or institution that provided first aid medical services to the event,

detailing the characteristics of the presentation of the service.

11. Authorization by Copyright and proof of payment (A.E.I.). 6ª Calle 6-38 area 9, Building Tivoli

Plaza 9th to level Of. 902, Tel. 2385-1333

12. Ringers I.P.S.A. (Located on Avenida Elena "A" 17-27 area 3. Tel: 2238-2541)

13. Letter of consent issued by the relevant union.

14. Badges of admission to the event, for inspectors appointed by the Directorate (to ensure free access to

all areas where the event will).

15. For presentations in squares, parks and streets must present sound license issued by the


16. Resolution EMETRA for vehicular traffic control around.

17. Evacuation Plan Authorization and Local Vulnerability and Risk issued by the Government



  • Inspection will be made at the event.
  • All pending at the Directorate of Public Entertainment is totally "FREE".
  • The License shall be collected at eight days after filing the application.
  • No license will be delivered if you do not have the badges of numeral 14.
  • The company or individual who present shows without authorization will be subject to a penalty,

under current legislation.espectaculos_publicos

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