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Name of the service that the MCD Presta LICENSE VIDEO IN CINEMAS
Time inico customer service 09:00:00 hrs
Time of completion to the public 17:00:00 hrs
Address rightful provide the service Department of Arts
Department in charge of this service Directorate of Public Entertainment
Days pending 15
The service is free ? One
Amount you must pay for the service Q.0.00
The procedure takes place wheelchair ramps One
Contact telephone 22395001
Email Contact espectaculospublicosmcd@gmail.com
Office Address 6check. ave. y 6ta. Street National Palace of Culture , 3he. level yard ofinica culture 3

Application Procedure

1. Application addressed to Public Shows which must contain the following information:

  • -Personal identification data of the owner or legal representative.
  • -Address for receiving notifications and / or citations and telephone number.
  • -Trade name of the establishment (according to business license).
  • -Signature of Applicant (interested)

2. Affidavit, appointment of the legal representative. (Photocopy autenticada)

3. Certificate owner or legal representative of the establishment.(Photocopy autenticada)

4. Pat Trading (about the business, photocopy autenticada)

5. Transcripts of VAT or small contributor license (as the case, photocopy autenticada)

6. Health License. (Photocopy autenticada)

7. Ringers I.P.S.A. (By Foreign and National Artists) (Elena Avenue "A" 17-27 area 3, Tel 22382541).

8. Municipal Endorsement. (Photocopy autenticada)

9. All footage displayed in different formed must have prior

rating of the Directorate of Public Entertainment.

10.Pictures where this implemented the following:

  • Signaling exits or evacuation routes,
  • fire extinguishers
  • emergency lights
  • wiring
  • record fumigation
  • photograph of the front of the business

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