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Step Construction of Fitness, Parks, and others who are sports


Time inico customer service 09:00:00 hrs
Time of completion to the public 17:00:00 hrs
Address rightful provide the service Department of Sport and Recreation
Department in charge of this service Physical Infrastructure Management
Days pending Variable
The service is free ? One
What you pay for the service to MCD Q.0.00
The procedure takes place wheelchair ramps One
Contact telephone 22395001 ext 1723
Email Contact hpar@vdr.gt
Office Address 6check. ave. y 6ta. Street National Palace of Culture , 2do. level yard ofinica culture not 1



For this procedure you must to have the following:

1. Letter of application
2. Letter of Commitment
3. Operation and maintenance costs of the project signed by Mayor municiapl. (original)
4. Certification of registration of the property in the name of the municipality in orginal and recent
5. Certified Municipal Deed (original).
6. Minutes of council where Declare municipality that is the owner of the property in (original)
7. Certification in the original certified photocopy(original) the act of taking possession of office as mayor. 7.1) Certification in the original certified photocopy (original) the act of inauguration as Mayor carco. 7.2 Photocopy autenticada (original) Mayor of IPR.
8. Two photographs: the area of ​​the field (one taken from another notrte to south and south to north)
9. Site plan to scale 1:100 rimado, sealed and stamped by a professional
10. Scale location plan 1:10,000 signed, sealed and stamped by a professional
11. Plano log scale indicated, signed, sealed and stamped by a professional
12. Project Profile
13. Socioeconomic study
14. Budget, including breakdown (signed sealed and stamped by a professional)
15. Implementation schedule (signed, sealed and stamped by pfofesional).
16. Environmental Decision issued by MARN original.
17. Opinion risk analysis called,signature and seal of the formulator (professional) project in each of the leaves, accompanied by the printed form initial environmental assessment stamped received by the MARN.
18. General Specifications, Technical and Special.
19. Set of drawings printed (signed, sealed and stamped by a professional): which shall include the design of ramps that allow easy access to personals impared, according to decree number 135-96.
20. Soil study signed, sealed and stamped by a professional.
21. Incluisión measures design with NRD-2. Rules anthropometric, reduction rules, Disaster, exits. Load occupation, doors, terraces, ramps, graderios, exit signs and emergency.
22. Design including NRD-3 measures) Dose{p for structural civil engineer or architect with expertise in structures b) Electrical Design for electrical engineer c) Hydraulic Design (if necessary) by civil engineer or architect with expertise in water and sanitation d) Material quality, Laboratory tests and materials.
23. Digital copy of (drawings in Auto-CAD) budget, timing and form of the opinion of risk analysis in excel, general specifications, techniques, and special assessment form word ambientalinicial.

Projects will not be accepted for the following reasons:

1. That the project is within ten feet away from any school, ravine, river, slope, and less than 50 meters of a mighty river.
2. That the land is within the field via streets or roads.
3. Disrupts any basic service.
4. It is located in front of old buildings, su modification that deserves the demolition.
5. Who have to cut down trees without permission from INAB.
6. Having a slope greater than 1.5%. (Typical applies only to projects).
7. Through the power lines on the ground.
8. The accompanying photographs, not correspond to land described in the certificate and that no building area is fully.
9. That the land is owned by the Ministry of Education or CDAG, since according to decree 76-97 "National Law for the Development of Physical Culture and Sport in Title I, article 7, literal a. stipulates that the Ministry of Education and School Sport in its literal d. noted that the Land sports or high performance corresponds to CDAG or COG
10. Not the land meets the minimum dimensions required, the results of log analysis opinion is not favorable and emergency exits.
11. That does not meet the requirements described above.

In the design of atypical projects should take into account the following

  1. Improve access for people with disabilities to public services across the country.
  2. New construction or extension or restructuring of public buildings, parks, sidewalks, sleeps, pathways, sanitation, and other places of public property should be made in accordance with technical specifications that allow easy access and locomotion of persons with disabilities to the places they visit. (established by decree number 135+96, Article 54, Care Act for people with disabilities).


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