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The old meaning of Tz'i 'is tepescuintle. In language K'iche 'is Lalo. Keeper of the cornfield where the grandmother Ixmukane Ixk'ik 'brought the full network of ears, and helped him fulfill his task in a magical way. In the Popol Vuh means Ajpu Wuch June ', Hunter and Jun Ajpu tacuacín Utiw, coyote hunter. It is also guardian of the hills, Mountain, sidewalks and ravines.

Tz’i’. Is fidelity, authority and the law. Therefore, is the guardian of the natural and spiritual law. The roles of Secretary ago.

You can influence excessive sexual behavior. Hence, Some Spirit Guides attributed as a symbol of sin, especially sexual impurity. Who is born on this day can be very sexual, man or woman. The intensity of this behavior depends on the numeral accompanying Tz'i 'as the day of birth.

Spiritual function:
• Summon the order and accuracy.
• Can interpret the known and the unknown.
• Invoked on to guide and care for the way.
• Day to counteract slander and insults.
• Day protection under the law.

Property of a person born in Tz'i '
Its origin is Iq 'and its mission or purpose is Tijax.

Possible Strengths
• Atento, brave, respected, just.
• other people's advocate.
• A cordial.
• Achieve what you want.
• Good research and senses things or acts.
• Enamorado.
• It is the day of the lawyers

Possible Weaknesses
• It can be vicious and unfaithful.
• You can buy into the lie.
• You can have a lot of sexual orientation.
• It can be with temper.

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