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TzikinTz'ikin. It means bird. It is the symbol of luck, wealth and material goods. It is also a symbol of freedom and is the nawal of birds.

Tz'ikin. It symbolizes the sacred bird Q'uq'umatz. This day is conducive to pray for the abundance of the things like money. It burns sesame and chocolate as offerings to Ajaw. Beehive candles are lit pure and asks good business Ajaw. Tz'ikin means bird and symbolizes the intermediary between humans and Ajaw, represented by all there in space: air, clouds, cold and heat. They are invisible forces, but Heart of Heaven and Earth Heart has put at our service and protection.

Tz'ikin. It is also a day of spiritual development and, therefore, of human fulfillment. It is the day to thank him material goods mainly related to money. However, to not acknowledge these favors can also bring misery.

Spiritual function
Thanks for material goods, mainly about the money.
Promotes good luck in business.
Day invocation because the birds do not disturb the crops.
Day to protect the business.

Characteristics of a person born in Tz'ikin
Its origin is Queh and its mission is Aq'ab'al.


  • It's good for business.
  • Is messenger, patient and kind.
  • In good temperament.
  • Has ability to analyze and a good observer.
  • Develop better their intelligence.
  • May have talent for predicting things.
  • You can be lucky in the material.
  • You can have well developed the spiritual.

Possible Weaknesses

When not channeling good day influences birth day can fall into

  • Envy
  • Infidelity
  • Avarice
  • Stinginess
  • In some vice

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