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A weekend of music and singing

The Festival was Abrazarte delight for many families over the weekend witnessed an evening of cultural activities in the Open Air Theater "Otto René Castillo", which began last Thursday 27 and ended on Sunday 30 March and also aimed to raise funds for needy families Tables, Chiquimula.

The evenings of the weekend just ended, were not only theatrical, but also presentations Mayan ball game on the frontispiece of the National Theatre, which also included the presence of living statues, Students at the School of Dramatic Art.

With Marimba Sound Women

She attended the Women's Marimba Concerto, who played Guatemalan Parts, in which 10 ladies swept through the piece Callecita San Marcos, well with the Guatemalan staff "Lyre Bird", inter.

The Merger Sunday Afternoon

In the sunny Sunday afternoon 30 March, the work "Torotumbo" projected by the National Folkloric Ballet and Modern, the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The play tells the riches, customs and traditions of our country, revaluing the axes of development in a process of evolution over time. It was how he closed with this function, First Festival "AbrAzarte", who performed for hundreds of people and raised a significant amount of food for Tables.

The Culture, engine of development!

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