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“A New Ticket” set out in the National Library

Day 8 of each month, National Library "Luis Cardoza y Aragón", different exhibition opens. During the month of July to 08 August, is located in the lobby of its facilities, the exhibition "A New Ticket", dedicated to ticketing of Q 200 quetzals.

Un Nuevo Billete

This sample was made with support from the Bank of Guatemala, that 1 July celebrates anniversary, on that date also marks the "day of the bank employee", indicó Ilonka Matute, Library Director.

Un Nuevo Billete

Among the details of the note shown to the public are the security measures that have, famous people, German including Alcantara, Guatemalan musician topic author Flower Coffee, the quetzalteco Mariano Valverde, considered one of the best musicians of the era and Sebastian Hurtado, musician also Quetzaltenango, builder of the first double marimba keyboard.

Also, exposure is in the printed book also called "A New Ticket", commemorating this historic event so important to the country's economy as well as for culture. For more than 40 years since I came into circulation another denomination of the quetzal.

Un Nuevo Billete

This is one of the many cultural activities that take place in the National Library and can be visited at time 9:00 a 17:00 hours, moons has viernes. Also worth remembering that the day 8 of each month there is a new exhibition to visit.

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