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A Palace of Culture in Guatemala

The Monday night 3 November, held "re opening", Royal Palace of the General Captains of the City of Antigua Guatemala, ceremony held at the Central Courtyard of the monumental building.

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The history of the Royal Palace of the Captains General dates back to colonial times, time at which functioned as the seat of government of the Kingdom of Spain in the Central American territory recently discovered.

Since the beginning of its construction in the sixteenth century, the building of the Royal Palace survived the passage of time and various natural disasters, which led to a series of changes in its structure and shape to the current building that we know today.

The Minister of Culture and Sports Dwight Pezzarossi present at the event, He said he was proud of the management made by the Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage from a few years ago, to open this space as a Cultural Center. "By opening the building is to open the doors again to the history and culture of Guatemala", señaló Pezzarossi.

Rosa Maria Chan Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage, was responsible for the words of welcome and thanked the cooperation of WMF World Monuments Fund World Monuments Fund or, international nonprofit organization that works for the conservation and restoration of monuments around the world.

Norma Barbacci representative WMF, He said the opening of the Cultural Centre marks a new cycle for the operation of the Royal Palace of the General Captains, further noted that this space is for different cultural and artistic events not only of antigüeños but Guatemalans in general.

The Colonial City Mayor Edgar Ruiz appreciated the effort and dedication to the people and institutions involved in the process, also, recognized that the new role of the Royal Palace of the Captains General Cultural Center guarantees the preservation of this building so representative of our history and culture.

The authorities present indicated, they will be announced various activities to be held soon in the new Cultural Center, open space for Guatemalan society and the world.

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