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A fusion of voices and musical instruments

Among a resounding silence giving way to Easter, the Friday night 11 and Saturdays 12 April, the Guatemala National Symphony Orchestra and the National Choir OSN, had two great presentations, one in the Great Hall "Efraín Recinos" and another in the Temple "Santo Domingo" in Antigua Guatemala, the Mozart Requiem Topic 2014.

With a spectacular elegance and leading over 200 people on a sunset scene, the activity was the director Julio César Santos as special guest. The master has a large experience in leading groups, including the Choir "Jesus Maria Alvarado" and mentioned the Choir of the National Conservatory of Music, inter alia.

La Batuta who took in their hands the director Julio César, marked topics Mozart Requiem, giving way to the first work of the opera overture II Ratto dal Serraglio, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Symphony No. 41 en Do Mayor K. 551 "Jupiter", with 30 minutes duration each.

Entre soprano, soprano and tenor low, were four young by the merger of the National Choir of Guatemala and the National Symphony Orchestra of Guatemala, responsible for assembling the topics Requiem Mass in D minor K. 626.

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History of the themes of Mozart's Requiem

The story goes that already in his last years of life, Mozart was visited by an unknown taciturn, he delivered a letter to the commission for a requiem mass and disappeared. The stranger resubmitted a few days later, which forced Mozart to finish the work. These masses were already quite recognized boom hierarchies and used to run on the castles and Orchestra by Count Franz.

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