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An Evening with Maya and Classic Rock Music

Wednesday night 26 March was present in the Great Hall "Efrain Recinos" Cultural Center "Miguel Angel Asturias", The Maya Group Sotz'il music and classic Italian progressive rock band PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI, fused with the same goal, which was to raise funds for the initiative "I am Atitlan" and "Blue Boat", will be reflected in the recovery of Lake Atitlan.

The initiative aims to involve civil society and public institutions and private, they can discuss, deepen and exchange best practices and ideas of the territory of Atitlán, Solola.

Who are the Sotz'l Group and the Italian rock band The Marconi Premiata Forneri

Sotz’l Kaqchikel language that means bat, He was born in 2001 The community on board, Solola (Tz'olojya ') in the Guatemalan highlands. This is one of the municipalities with indigenous Mayan majority of Guatemala (Iximulew), belongs to kaqchikel ethno-linguistic group consisting of nearly one million people and the third most spoken language among the Mayan people and Mayan’ Tinamit.

The PFM (PFM) is an Italian progressive rock band that reached a high level of popularity in the early 1970, with great success in the British and U.S. rankings.

The night could not wait to throw PFM, where one of his successes was, Imprempressioni y Celebration Of September, that marked each public and cheered their professional and authentic style.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports also supported this noble cause, the facilities of the Centro Cultural "Miguel Angel Asturias" and support all staff CCMAA. The main objective is to support art and music at its best.

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