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The stage of the Great Hall of the Cultural Center Efrain Recinos "Miguel Angel Asturias", was lit Thursday night 20, over 80 musicians from the National Symphony Orchestra of Guatemala and special guests as Sergio Danilo Diaz Avendaño, who led the Orchestra in June Festival 2013.

With a warm and colorful, presentation began with another special guest, Mickey Mouse, Symphony directing child with a melody, a surprise to the audience.

The musical repertoire included children's issues in the first part and the second, tunes from films like Batman and Lord of the Rings, inter, applauded by over a thousand people as spectators.

Master Diaz Avendaño, has emerged as a violinist in the National Symphony Orchestra of Guatemala since 1995, in the second violins record. He studied at the National Conservatory of Music Germán Alcántara and currently his main focus is on teaching.

It is constantly invited to take the lead in the Extraordinary Season that offers the National Symphony Orchestra, in which participated since 2010, being pioneer presentations Movies Music Concerts.

As support for culture, participated with the Symphony Orchestra, National Boxing Federation and representative group of Star Wars Yavin IV to Guatemala.

Editing short films was conducted by Alfredo Quezada Pereira, piano musical talent by Fernando Quijivix, Minor electric bass in Estrada, Gamaliel Ivan on drums and vocals Mayen, Rocío Recinos.

The June Festival to stage allowed many artistic and cultural presentations, to the delight of everyone Guatemalans.


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