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A unique tradition is celebrated worldwide in the country

The Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures participated in this week's press conference to publicize the activities of the Kite Festival and Giants Santiago Sacatepéquez intivar to the general public to visit location.

This Festival is considered the most important tradition of this town, this religious and cultural practice has been classified as a World Heritage Guatemala, by Ministerial Decision No.. 654-99, issued in October 1999.

The 31 October are plans to make a cultural evening where artistic Entourage Queens will tour to the Square of the General Cemetery of Santiago Sacatepéquez.

The 1 November, Feast of All Saints, will take place on traditional competition in the Giant Kites Golf Santiago Sacatepéquez, participate more 25 groups that will share their kites, through different designs, colors and shaped posts, this year will be two categories: display and flying.

According unveiled Bertha Santos, President of the Association for Cultural santiaguense -ASOSDEC Development- This year's attendance is expected 150 thousand national and foreign visitors.

This Guatemalan tradition that the people of Santiago Sacatepéquez created through kites, a bond of communication between the souls of loved ones who have died.

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