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Unit Sacred Places Spirituality and Practice of Maya

Main Functions
  1. Advise authorities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in the worldview issues and spirituality of the peoples of Mayan, xinka y garifuna.
  2. Publicize Laws, Conventions, Agreements and other regulations related to the practice of Mayan spirituality, Xinka and Garifuna and sacred sites internal and external to the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
  3. c. Coordinate actions and activities for the identification of sacred sites around the country.
  4. Promote studies that reveal the deep meaning and content of Mayan spirituality.
  5. Contribute to the knowledge of the spiritual guides of the Laws, International treaties and agreements related to the practice of Mayan spirituality in holy places or sites, sights, parks, Complejos the archaeological centers.
  6. Support actions and activities of other government agencies that promote the rescue and maintenance of sacred sites.
  7. Providing advice and assistance to people, official institutions, ONG, groups or associations seeking the declaration of holy places like the National Cultural Heritage.
  8. Coordinate with national and international institutions, understanding and tolerance of an ancient practice that has been rejected by other foreign religions.
  9. Coordinate and develop technical advice on applications from people, governmental institutions, groups or associations seeking declarations of holy places like the National Cultural Heritage.


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