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United for a noble cause

Niños y niñas, así como jóvenes de la Escuela Municipal de la municipalidad de Guatemala presentaron la obra Cascanueces.

Children, and youth of the Municipal School of the municipality of Guatemala presented the work Nutcracker.

The Municipal School of Music and Dance and the "Miguel Angel Asturias" Cultural Center held a noble cause to benefit the Neurological Institute of Guatemala, presenting the play The Nutcracker, Wednesday 27 to 10 morning in the Great Hall "Efraín Recinos".

The scenario began with the Youth Symphony Orchestra Municipal, composed 300 young children with great talent of the Municipal School of the municipality of Guatemala, fused to do a marvelous work. The Nutcracker is a story that takes place in Germany, approximately 1850, is inspired by Clara, a girl which his godfather gives her a nutcracker and she finds herself in a dream with giant mice, princes and many adventures.

El Neurological Institute of Guatemala, has provided special education services for more than 52 years and supporting over 7 thousand children, girls, youth and poor adults with intellectual disabilities. Proceeds will go to the creation of the Hall of the Institute of Artistic Development, workshops that teach music, Danza y pintura.

A final presentation will be held today at 18 hours in the "Miguel Angel Asturias" Cultural Center.

Culture, engine of development!


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