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Deputy Minister of Culture participated in commemorating International Women's Day and the tenth anniversary of IUMUSAC


On Thursday 5 March, on the occasion of the commemoration of International Women's Day and the tenth anniversary of the Institute for Women (IUMUSAC), a special ceremony at the Aula Magna igloo University of San Carlos was performed, activity where they presented the "Supplementary Report of Women's Organizations of civil society on the implementation of the Global Action Platform of the Fourth World Conference on Women", Beijing Commission 20.

This commemoration began with a presentation by the Director of IUMUSAC, Miriam Maldonado, In his speech highlighting the contribution of this university institution serving women. He followed in the use of the word the Deputy Minister of Culture Clariza Castellanos, who in his speech highlighted: "The role of women also highlights the permanence of culture, the importance of national identity and its contribution in all areas of development of society ". The rector of the University of San Carlos, Dr. Carlos Alvarado Cerezo, also addressed the audience ratifying the institutional support of this university to IUMUSAC.

The program included the presentation of the campaign She've for UN Women by María Machicado. During the event a special moment was the recognition "Outstanding University Women" under the International Decade of African Descent, Nora Murillo granted Estrada, Arla Stockes and Maria Elena Ferguson.

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