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Deputy Minister calls for "Hacer Art" – X Festival de Junio

Editing 10 June Festival began with the presentation of the National Folkloric Ballet and Modern in Great Room "Efrain Recinos" Cultural Center "Miguel Angel Asturias". It is in this month that the Theatre celebrates its biggest festival with a festival dedicated to artists and audiences. In the prior, the authorities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports sounded the start for this Festival to commemorate the 36 years of the Cultural Precinct.

The presence of officials confirmed the government's commitment to art and national culture. In the brief formal ceremony attended by the coordinator of the Festival, Hector Leal; the director of the National Folkloric Ballet and Modern, Fernando Juarez and the director of the Centro Cultural "Miguel Angel Asturias", Carlos Estrada. As an end to this intervention, Deputy Minister of Culture invited the public Clariza Castellanos, Theatre artists and collaborators to make art.

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"When I say I do not mean to make art only artists. Also Theatre Technicians, reviewers and the public that their presence brings to life the shows ", He said the Deputy Minister. In his address he spoke of the legacy of Efraín Recinos, as head of the building of the Cultural Center. He invited the culminating Entertainment 22 June.

The show opening corresponded to the National play "Petén ancestral voices" by the Modern and Ballet Folklorico. This year, el Ballet cumple su 50 anniversary of founding.

The "Miguel Angel Asturias" Cultural Center was inaugurated on 15 June 1978, work of engineer and artist remembered Efraín Recinos. The June Festival was born in 2005 by iniciativa of the artist Julian Vela. This time will be presented 45 Plastic events, literature, Performing Arts, music, dance and sport. More information www.mcd.gob.gt

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