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Our Lady of the Assumption


Theft Report.



Date of Theft: 24 July 2004

Place of Theft: Church of the Village Water Salóbrega, Sanarate, Guastatoya Progress.

Object Type: Religious Sculpture

Material: Wood, glass, Gold and Silver.

Technique: Polychrome wood carving

Dimensions: unknown. 100 Cms. About.

Title: Our Lady of the Assumption

Topic: Religious. Woman sitting with arms outstretched.

Period: Hispanic, eighteenth century.

Author: Anonymous.

Register: (not)

DESCRIPTION: Full size sculpture depicting the Virgin Mary sitting on a cloud with two cherubs on the base. Arms are extended and crew neck tunic dress, embossed with designs that are repeated in the belt. The mantle covers her front legs, while the back is moved up by the wind. Two cannelloni rolling your hair fall over the bust. Have high view with the head slightly tilted to the left side. Both the tunic and the mantle are gilded and decorated with leaf and floral designs. Missing index fingers on both hands.


Registry of Cultural Property. / General Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Report: Register of Cultural Property # 44







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