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Cultural Volunteers Second Cultural and Recreational performed Day

The Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Department of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures held this Thursday 26 March the second cultural and sports day with the team of volunteers of this Ministry. Activity, held at the National School of Commerce Quetzaltenango, It was supervised by the head of volunteering, Astrid Teleguario and promoter Albina Ordóñez.

The objective of these activities is to encourage youth participation in cultural issues, awakening skills that promote the strengthening of culture, and encourage recreational activity as a means of wholesome entertainment and leisure appropriate for integral development and integration of the communes.

"The Ministry of Culture and Sports considers important the work done by the cultural volunteering for which it was contemplated to carry out this cultural and recreational day in order to further promote and increase participation in youth cultural and recreational topics in Quetzaltenango" Teleguario noted.

In this activity issues were discussed as the rescue of ancient music, where volunteers exposed some of it, Mayan worldview, incentives for the use of traditional medicine among others.

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