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Xela will be the focus of the literature

The eyes of the American and Latin American writers will be on the city of Quetzaltenango for 2014, when international headquarters. Yesterday was announced officially that Xela host the Twenty-Second International Conference on Central American Literature (Cilca).xela
The event will be the 26 to the 28 March 2014, Vinicio reported Contreras, director of the House of Culture of Quetzaltenango. Cilca aims to bring together teachers, students, American literature specialists, writers and the general public.
This takes place every year in a country of the isthmus, and provides a forum for literary expression study in Central, promote dialogue, intellectual exchange, debate, discussion and aesthetic enjoyment of this art.
The activity is supported by Purdue University Calumet, of Chicago, U.S., and the International Committee of Cilca. Max Araujo, who incorporates the organizing committee as the representative of Guatemala, come in the coming days to Xela.

Araujo proposes to integrate an organizing committee in Quetzaltenango, where different sectors are represented, and intellectual, economic, cultural and social. Héctor Rodas, quetzalteco writer, believes that this event is critical to the city, but believes that we must make considerable improvements to infrastructure and especially, establish bases for the support of the local culture.

The writer hopes that this activity is not just to impress or “bird of passage”, but is the engine to solve the crisis in which it is support for the arts in Xela. An optimal result, as artists, would be the creation of a local publisher, to promote the work of writers quetzaltecos.
What is Cilca?
It is an annual forum on literary expression study in Central. Since its first edition, in 1993, the Cilca has established itself as a space that addresses relevant American literature promoting dialogue and intellectual exchange, debate and discussion, but especially, promoting Isthmus writers.

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