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Archaeological site Mam de origen, Zaculeu Archaeological Site is located in the municipality of Huehuetenango, Huehuetenango. It is among the Selegua or Zaculeu river and aldela Zaculeu, just less than 1 Km. north of it and the west header. Settled at 1,940 MASL, 15 ° 19'58'' con latitud, longitud 91°29´36´´. Cartographic Line Huehuetenango 1961 IV.

Due to its proximity to the city of Huehuetenango, You can reach the site by car and on foot, as the road is paved.

The archaeological site consists of a series of squares, step pyramids, temples and courtyards for ball games. He maintained close business relationship with Nebaj and Kaminaljuyu.

The City

The valley in which are the buildings of the old city, is cut by the deep causes of several streams, among which is the river west of Selegua Zaculeu. To the east and south there are deep ravines that isolate, time and allow its easy remote defense.
Practically the only input consists of a narrow access to the north linking the flat plateau where the ruins rise, with the general level of the valley.

Meaning of Zaculeu

The original name of the city was Chnab'jul,but later called Zaculeu kíche'la meaning “Tierra Blanca”


Tour the 43 grouped estrcuturas, ballgame, QUENAS rectagunlares squares and visit the museum where various parts and services sitio.Facilidades exposed Museum site, sanitation, site guide , sentry box control.


Wear appropriate clothing, shoes with nonskid soles, camera, cap, sun block.


Monday to Sunday 8:30 a 16:30 hours.

Entrance Fees:

National: Q.5.00

Foreigners: Q.50.00

Students: Q.0.00 (Students at public institutions do not pay access, prior to authorization of the Directorate General of Cultural and Natural Heritage)

Contact Information

Directorate General of Cultural and Natural Heritage, Ministry of Culture and Sports MICUDE
E-mail: demopre@mcd.gob.gt

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