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Delve into the possibilities of "hip hop" at the National Palace of Culture

Foto tomada de http://cursotica.com/

Photo taken from http://cursotica.com/

In years 1970, New York emerged in a cultural movement that transcended time and space: the "hip hop". In Guatemala, His followers have multiplied in recent decades. This is why the Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Center for Research and Education Program Documentation of Arts, It provides a workshop to learn these expressions including "rap", the "breakdance" and "graffiti", inter.

On Thursday 12 May those interested can approach the offices of the documentation center, located in the office 16, Patio de la Cultura, at the National Palace of Culture, a partir de las 14:30 hours. Ahí, el experto Christian Ruano brindará un panorama general acerca de la cultura “hip hop”. The workshop includes theoretical aspects and space for practice. It is geared, especially for teachers, but open to the general public. La admisión es gratuita.

This workshop is a cycle that develops from 2014, in which two monthly meetings are organized. They aim to foster appreciation of different artistic expressions.

The 26 May be held one dedicated to photography. In the coming months puppet making workshops will be offered, percussion, dramatic Art, vitrales, sculpture, tissues, marimba, piano and crafts.

For more information you can request email cidartes.mcd@gmail.com.

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