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Theft Report.



Date of Theft: 12 April 2005.

Place of Theft: Archaeological Site Old Resume, Municipality of San Martin Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango Department, Guatemala.

Object Type: Supplement.

Matterthe: Ceramics.

Technique: Molded – Modeling.

Dimens: Stop 12.00 cms. Arpx. Width 10.5 cms.

Title: Supplement.

Period: Postclassic (900-1524 d.C.)

Author: Cultura Maya

DESCRIPTION: Attachment vessel that has represented a character's face with eyes and mouth open, in the case of eyes, bottom are perforated. It has circular ear, besides mask, giving the impression of the face or head into the jaws of an animal which some fangs represented by rectangular applications are observed. Down, in what would be the chest, by parallel grooves formed a necklace. Regular repair, with burned areas, traces of red paint and missing.


Registry of Cultural Property. / General Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports. Registration No.


Theft Report No. 67

Register of Cultural Property, Unit Prevention of Illicit Traffic of Cultural Heritage.



Phone (502) 2426-0718



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