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Announce Dance Festival 2014

Festival Danza_8424As part of the celebrations for the International Day of Dance, commemorated on 29 April, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Department of Public Works of Art, he announces Dance Festival 2014, which will take place from next 23 April at the Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias, involving dance students, emerging choreographers and professional institutions.

Each 29 April, It is a holiday that countries of the world especially with shows devoted to dance held, through open classes, Outdoor trials, conferences, exhibitions, publications in newspapers and magazines, dances, programs on radio and T.V. and street performances in open and closed theaters, inter alia.

The International Dance Day was established by the Committee for Dance International Theatre Institute of UNESCO 1982, in order to draw attention to this art. He instituted the proposal from the Russian master Piepor Gusev Leningrad, to honor the great innovator ballet, French choreographer Jean Georges Noverre the, born 29 April 1727 and considered the greatest choreographer of his time.

In Guatemala has been held for several years, turning for four at a festival, where dance students participate, emerging choreographers, well as groups and professional institutions, becoming a great dance party.

The festival is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, with support from Arts Center Graciela Paiz Andrade, Cultural Center of Spain, Spanish Training Center and Embassy of Germany, inter alia.


General Program of the National Dance Festival 2014.

-21 to the 23 APRIL
Taller de Ballet
11:30 a 13:00 Hrs.
Graciela Paiz Andrade Arts Center
Donation Q 30.00

Conversation with the Maestro Enrique Alamillo, of Mexico
19:00 hours
Graciela Paiz Andrade Arts Center
Free admission

Presentation emerging groups
19:00 hours
Chamber Theatre “Hugo Carrillo “
Free admission to fill capacity

Presentation emerging groups
19:00 hours
Chamber Theatre “Hugo Carrillo”
Free admission to fill capacity

Renaissance Dance Workshop
18:00 a 19:30 hours
Graciela Paiz Andrade Arts Center
Maestro Juan Dominguez
Music maestro en vivo Maco Barrios
Donation Q 30.00

Presentation Ballet Guatemala
10:30 and 14:00 hours
Cultural Center of Escuintla
Invitation to public institutions

Presentation groups inside
Quetzaltenango, Huehuetenango, Coatepeque, Amatitlan, Guatemala
18.00 hours
Quetzaltenango Municipal Theatre
Coordinates Cdanza
Voluntary donation

Presentation schools, academies and studies
15:30 hours
Sala Efrain Recinos, National Theatre
Donation Q10.00

Presentation of companies and professional groups
Sala Efrain Recinos
18:00 hours
Entry by invitation

Film Pina Bauch
18:00 hours
Cultural Center of Spain, Old Cinema Lux

More information:

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