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Starts the Summer Festival "hold"

Under the motto, "Embrace sibling through art and taking part as a fresh and spectacular night, yesterday 27 March, authorities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports inaugurated the Summer Festival "hold" with the first artistic presentation, "Liza Daughter Misbehaving" conducted by the National Ballet of Guatemala.

The activity was held in the Open Air Theater "Otto René Castillo", after 4 months of restoration, was enabled again, to the delight of Guatemalans. The opening ceremony was chaired by Clariza Castellanos, Deputy Minister of Culture, Alfredo Tay Coyoy, Director General of Arts and Lucia Weapons, Director of Development for the Arts.

The aim of the Festival is to contribute to government pact "Zero Hunger", through the food drive, as beans, rice, noodles and sugar. I'm sure this activity will mark a change in Guatemalans, you can enjoy stunning performances while contributing their donations of food to the community Tables, Chiquimula, Express Clariza Castellanos, Deputy Minister of Culture.

During the inauguration of the Festival, Carlos Amaya, Modern representative Pasta, made a donation to the community, consisting 11 thousand packages paste.

The MDC calls on the Guatemalan population to attend arts activities to be presented the 28 to the 30 March at the Open Air Theatre. Admission, 5 pounds of basic grains.

The program now includes the National Symphony Orchestra and Concert Marimba National Palace. From 19 Hrs. On Saturday 29 it's time for the presentation of the National Choir and Marimba concert at Bellas Artes 16 hours and Sunday 30 will be submitted to the 16:00 hours and Modern Ballet Folklorico and Marimba Concert Women. Also, Saturday and Sunday at 14:00 hours, will show Mayan ball game.

About the village "Tables"

The community is located Tables in the northern part of the department of Chiquimula, a 29 kilometers from the provincial capital. Most households are engaged in agriculture for subsistence. Also, empelan men as laborers on neighboring plots and farms in the region. Families also migrate to other municipalities of Chiquimula, departments of Zacapa and Petén to work in agriculture. Until 2010, the number of people in this community was one thousand 230 people.

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