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Convention tore Maya Archaeology 2014

This Friday 13 June the VII World Convention of Mayan Archaeology opened 2014, item The Maya World Collapses, addressed by renowned national and foreign archaeologists. The activity was held out in a hotel in La Antigua Guatemala from the 9:00 hours and was attended by the Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, María Rosa Chan.

The opening event was a screening of a documentary about the collapse of Mayan cities emblematic then give way to words of sponsors and representatives of public and private institutions. During his speech, the Deputy Minister of Heritage said that thanks to archaeological work, each year more information is generated that changes history. Finally he pointed out that there making this information accessible for people to know.

Then began the presentations of each of exhibitors. The first part was Tomás Barrientos, The Corona project director of Tulane University who presented the topic "The Rise and Collapse of Mayan Great Reigns: New Historical Data and Climatic ".

The following speakers addressed the issues of extinction: The Collapse of life, The Maya versus The World Languages ​​Maya Collapses, Myths Collapse, inter alia. To end the conference day, archaeologist Christa Schieber of Lavarreda, del Tak'alik Ab'aj Archaeological Park, addressed the issue of the collapse versus the Renaissance in the history of this site.

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