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B'atz '. Means thread. Home of the tissue, time, infinite. Batz 'is the time, spirituality. Creator of life and wisdom. Is the space of intelligence and art. He is the master of arts. In the Chilam Balam of Chumayel described it was in the day Jun Chowen or June Batz 'when Ajaw pulled himself his divinity and made heaven and earth.

Jun B'atz ', Jun Chowen. It is the symbol of man and woman. In the Wajxaqib 'B'atz the Creator and Maker created man; en el Belejeb 'B'atz', women. That's why two days are commemorated by Ajq'ijab '. El B’elejeb’ B’atz’, is a special day for the women Ajq'ijab '. It is also a special day for carrying people.

B'atz '. Symbol of continuity with the past and has been included within the ritual. It is the day of the perpetuation of the ceremonies and customs of our ancestors.

El Dia Wajxaqib-B'atz ', special day is commemorated as the Ajq'ijab'-Spiritual Guides. Performing a ceremony greater, is enlivened with marimba and dancing around the fire. The Batz 'can unleash people from the problems that overwhelms. He says Batz 'because it spins. It is the talent of human beings. (Do you speak in the singular or plural in these cases?)

Spiritual function

  • Home of all things.
  • Day to deliver the sacred bundle to Ajq'ijab'-Spiritual Guides.
  • Day for girlfriends or boyfriends requested and Wedding.
  • Day to solve problems.
  • Day to overcome laziness, vice and vagrancy.
  • Long life is appreciated.
  • Things are ordered
  • It calls for the strengthening of the spiritual.

  • Protection are grateful for the dance and music: dance, do, chirimía y marimba.

Characteristic of a person born in Batz:

Its origin is Aq’ab’al and mission, Kawoq.



  • Friendly, good-hearted, reserved.
  • Builder, intelligent, artist (painting, singing, dance, sculptor)
  • Leader, defender, merchant, entrepreneur.
  • Lucky, respected, speaker, generous.
  • Teacher, doctor.
  • Stingy, mocking, ambitious, fool.
  • Strong Willed.

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