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“Cacao y Chocolate, A Legacy Ancestral "

Los representantes del MCD y de la Embajada de España durante la inauguración de la exposición.

The representatives of the MDC and the Embassy of Spain during the opening of the exhibition.

In the lobby of the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology MUNAE the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is opened the exhibition "Cocoa and Chocolate, A Legacy Ancestral ", which brings together photographic and audiovisual documentary labor process aims to rescue the cultural elements involved in the cultivation and processing of chocolate.

The images were captured in different parts of the country, including Quetzaltenango and Verapazes. These range from ceremonies held before the seed is sown, to the customs and processes used in the process of making chocolate, and the preparation of this ancient drink, including elements of Maya Spirituality.

The transmission of knowledge in cocoa cultivation and processing of traditional chocolate, has been given from generation to generation, where the language and practice of these tasks has been the means grandparents used to today their descendants still continue a tradition, that today is the delight of many people in the world, Index Olga cup, representative of the Department of Archaeological Research, Anthropological and Historical of the Directorate General of Cultural and Natural Heritage and responsible exposure.

La fue exhibition inaugurated recently by Oscar Mora, Director of Cultural and Natural Heritage and Daniel Aquino, Director IDAEH, having as guest of honor to Manuel Lejarreta, Ambassador of Spain in Guatemala. The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Sunday 8:00 a 16:00 hours.

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