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Celebration of International Women's Day extends to San Juan La Laguna, Solola

The commemoration of the International Women's Day continued during the 14 March, in the reception hall of San Juan La Laguna, Solola, where they participated 800 Women linguistic community tzutuhil. The activity was conducted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the program Woman coordinates Viceminiserio Sports and Recreation.

The coordinator of the Women, Patricia Santiago said: "Women have the right to a decent life, free, without violence, without exploitation and sexual slavery. We have the right to political participation; namely, to elect and be elected to any elective office. We also attends the right to require the regulation of public policies involving us in opening democratization processes transparent and not vitiated ".

While, Lucía Vásquez, active member of this program, He stressed that the International Women's Day, "Women must commit ourselves to fight for participation, activism and promote gender equality ".

Candelaria Herrera, a woman of 83 who lives in that community, He expressed in their native language, tzutuhil, its gratitude to the Creator by observing the full legal respect for the rights of women. “Dios bendiga a quienes impulsaron y continúan promoviendo el respeto a nuestros derechos. Highlight the values ​​of women, It is something to be admired. Now we can reject and prevent physical aggression of men ", indicated.

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