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Commemoration of National and International Day of Indigenous Peoples

Within the framework of planned to commemorate the National and International Indigenous Peoples Day activities, the Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Department of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures and collaboration with other institutions, was held at the Archaeological Park Kaminaljuyú a ceremony in gratitude and ask the welfare of four people living in Guatemala.

National and International Day of Indigenous Peoples is celebrated since the year 1994 when the General Assembly of the United Nations (IT) agreed to be held on 9 August each year. Among the purposes of commemorating this date may be mentioned shortening differences between peoples and the recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples.

After the ceremony concluded Kaminaljuyú, and the presence of Clariza Castellanos Vice Minister of Culture and Sports, held a ceremony in which a recognition of four representatives of each of the people who share the soil of our country gave. The recognition is given by the effort that has been made to improve the living conditions of their communities and enhance their customs and traditions to be recognized not only in Guatemala but also in the rest of the world.

People awarded the "Ixim" Order, that comes from the year 2012 were: Arla Stokes Brackett, Pedro Guoron Ajquijay, Demetrio Lopez de la Cruz, Eduardo Manzo Sacayón, each representing the Garifuna peoples, Maya, Xincan Mestizo y respectively.

During the event, artistic and cultural performances were also performed with the group of indigenous music Xahil, a presentation of the Mayan ball game under the Department of Sport and presentation Garifuna Dance Group who enlivened the afternoon and were responsible for closing the event.

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