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If the reading is passionate, You might find a good choice in any of these books.

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Discover, Rediscover the, Guatemalan authors creations that are available in the publishing of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. These titles can be found from the centennial commemorative editions of Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán and Manuel Galich, to short stories that reflect the national reality and poems in different styles. Learn about your options and decide to accompany your summer vacation with a good book.

The thankless queen
Víctor Muñoz
132 pages

The average Guatemalan class could be reflected in the stories the National Literature Prize 2013 recounted in this volume. His eagerness to appear, ambitions, dreams and their particular way of evading reality have no place in its pages.

The uncharted seas
Carlos Meza
75 pages

In this book, Meza combines stories and poems in which death says this, sometimes shy and sometimes, Sassy. The Guatemalan author travels through time and space, from Nazi Germany to Argentina in the late twentieth century in a few pages.

Manuel Galich, three plays
Manuel Galich
156 pages

Lovers of Galich work will find this edition of the three most important creations of the author: The indigestible scripts fish, The yellow train and watch the unfortunate incident.

The right word
Antonio Brañas
108 pages

In this anthology of poems collected Brañas Antonio, the silent brother César Brañas, who published at least three poems. In the preface, Francisco Morales Santos says it was "one of the strongest Guatemalan poets of the twentieth century".

Poems of Queen Zone
Mario Payeras
66 pages

With an extensive prologue in which Francisco Morales Santos discusses poetry and motivations Payeras, and a comment by Yolanda Colom, This book is a collection of the poems of this author that exalts nature while calls for reflection.

Martín Díaz Valdés
190 pages

Between moving and disturbing, the stories in this book may surprise many. However, many others will identify with some of the circumstances and experiences of the author.

Viaje a foundation of Eva
Rony E. Garrido
105 pages

Garrido achieved in this trial go into the psychological perspective of the first book of Luz Méndez de la Vega.

Arbenz, Colonel Spring
Manuel José Arce
68 pages

This is a commemorative edition to mark the 100 birthday of Jacobo Arbenz. The play created by Arce reflects the rise and fall of the Guatemalan revolution, well as provide details of the life of one of the most controversial characters in the history of the country.

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