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Visiting Iximché


On Saturday 29 August the Directorate General of Human Resources of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, organized a trip to the archaeological site located in the town Iximché Tecpán, in the department of Chimaltenango.

A group of supporters of the MDC formed by members of the Women's Marimba Concerto, staff of the Human Resources, Department of Sport and Recreation, inter alia, enjoyed the trip to this place which is considered as the capital of the kingdom Kaqchikel.

Participants in this trip, They toured the facilities of the site despite the weather. As a guide he had the collaboration of Laura Gamez, Director Park. Eventually the site museum where artifacts found during archaeological investigations at this ancient Mayan city founded on display was visited circa 1478 d.C.

According to Audrey Leon in charge of the excursion, This activity is part of a series of visits being organized by the Ministry to various places that are part of the Cultural Patrimony of Guatemala, for people working in this institution know and identify more with our culture besides being able to recreate and live outside the workplace.

On this occasion he also had the support of the Deputy Minister of Sports who organized a Tai Chi class taught in place for hikers. According makers have already referred more dates to visit other places with different groups of employees of MCD.

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